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with their own energy independence. they could have done pipeline. they could have done their own exploration and instead they threat russians do it. the russians are the problem in the first place, so all these people put money in the banks there from russia, to the cypriate banks and the assets are too big and they don't pay for the services. no wonder it's going broke. >> kimberly: russians are smart. they're trying to take advantage of the situation. they will do something for you and you do something for us. like trump said, we'll help the other countries and troops there lose american lives. give us oil. what do we get back? business transaction. i don't admire it but i understand it. best thing about this weekend i got a cartoon thing with a leprechaun and had a pot, but no gold in it. what happened to your pot of gold? obama redistributed it. >> dana: i thought you'd say william devaney came to get it. >> greg: there is always a gun control argument in the american media that says gun advocates always talk about government tyranny. that is some kind of paranoid leftovers. we're in a c
their own religion. manual if they took all of the energy they put toward costing taxpayers money to fight the lawsuits. if they put it toward something positive what they could accomplish. >> greg: like a dog. >> dana: rescuing animals. wife can't they believe in that. >> bob: listen, one thing about atheists, they should spend time with the athschism or preach about it. >> kimberly: they are religious obstructionists. infringing on freedom of religion. they are the biggest violators. bob my little legal scholar there, they are going to use. very specific court ruling that in god we trust is national motto. not a violation the first american religion. patriotic ceremonial character. >> dana: if they lose do they pay back the taxpayers for the waste? >> bob: no, but they should. >> greg: this is a waste of time. they should sue the vatican for not letting the atheist compete to be pope. >> bob: this thing started -- you just got my joke? >> eric: i'm offended by that joke. >> bob: this started -- it used to be on the currency but in the civil war, put god on the coin. in god we trust all t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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